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Garage Door Off-Track Repair

Garage Door Off-Track Repair - What to Do When Your Garage Door is Off Track

Off-track garage doors aren’t functional until they’re fixed. If your garage door breaks, you could end up trapped inside your vehicle and your home could be exposed to the elements. Garage doors that are off-track can be incredibly frustrating and can cause a lot of inconvenience. In addition to causing property damage, it can result in serious injuries as well. There are ways to prevent this problem from occurring in the future, and Garage Door Off-Track Repair can be done quickly by a professional. To help keep your garage door rollers in good working order, this article will help you how to assess them and perform preventative maintenance safely.

How to do Garage Door Off-Track Repair

Knowing the cause of your garage door off-track issue will help you fix the issue. All your metal hardware will be lubricated with silicone spray by a professional garage door repair technician after they tighten and secure all of your hardware. Here are the steps they’ll follow when fixing off-track garage door rollers:

Step 1: Turn off the garage door opener

The first step involves finding the string attached to the door opener’s console. The opener can be disengaged by pulling this string. Manually opening and closing the garage door will be possible with this method.

Step 2: Secure the garage door after it has been opened

Lift the door until one of the rollers is in line with the track once it has been released from the opener. Using vice grips or locking pliers or asking someone to help you hold the garage door in place is a precaution during this step.

Step 3: Restore track to wheels

If the roller has jumped out of the track, use pliers to open the track precisely at that point. Close the track opening by reinstalling the rollers within the track. In order to bring the track back to its proper shape, use a rubber mallet or wooden mallet.

Step 4: Check alignment manually

Having fixed the rollers, it is time to manually check whether the rollers are working correctly and whether the door is opening properly. The door can be manually opened and closed a few times to do this. In addition, test the balance of the device while you’re at it.

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If your garage door is off-track, you can rely on Same Day Garage Door Repair

In order to prevent your rollers from coming off-track, you can perform preventative maintenance, but if you notice that they have already come off-track, call a professional to assess the situation and make the necessary repairs. Your garage door rollers can be replaced by such an expert if necessary. Same Day Garage Door Repair can fix your off-track garage door in Barrie, Ontario and the surrounding area.

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